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August 29, 2005
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Pixie_OC_Smith by Kreoss Pixie_OC_Smith by Kreoss
Everyone I want you to meet my pixie OC Smith. Smith, everyone.

Smith: Hi guys! whats up! err... I mean... Hello everyone.

Well peeps, sorry about the comics delay, but a lot of things is happening in the house right now so I can't get things done. Anyho, this is my Pixie OC Smith. After watching Pixie Inc. and Wishfixers, I notice all the pixie look the same, save for Sanderson and HP. I like the Pixie even if they act dull, they may be my favorite characters. I knew I had to make an OC of one. So I made Smith. Notice he just looks like sanderson except that his hair goes down than up. Here's a little info on him

SMITH - Smith is the left hand man of HP. In other words, he is the under appreciated pixie of HP. He's a very hardworking pixie but nobody seems to notice or give him any credit. None of his fellow pixie's like him. Maybe it is because he somtimes caught being less dull than the other pixies. Sometimes he unintentionally acts un-pixie like whenever he shows his emotions. His spontaneous reactions has caused him so much problems among his fellow pixies that he's trying so hard to get rid of it. Smith is jealous of Sanderson since he's the right hand man of HP and the fiancee of HP's daughter.

Smith current assignment is to capture a renegade Half-fairy on the loose in earth. Who is that Half-fairy? We'll soon find out.

Smith (c) Kreoss
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Evilmisssingno000 Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw he's cute
square fish dose not fit in round bowl
Ardhamon Sep 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Pixies were awesome for being so monotone and expressionless.
"please do not pay attention to the four side aquatic animal"
YAY SMITH! Show those reactions to normal things!!
u no sanderson has a first name, but he let go of it, it was sanders sanderson
Yeah, I like Pixies too! They always end up on the wrong end og Jorgen's abuses (which was pretty funny!), and Ben Stein did a great job for their voices! I personally like the Head Pixie.
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